The Wild Control is a unique NFT collection of 10,000 wild Raccoons.


A group of racoons is called a gaze. They are very social animals and are used to surviving in families and groups.

the Story

Welcome to our NFT project, the inspiration behind our story is to provide help towards our environment, therefore our first project is a charity and a fundraiser for future NFT releases, which there will be. The Project consists of 10,000 unique Raccoon NFTs, these little rascals are ready to do their part for the community and help their fellow furry friends when they are in need. While helping our little friends we also seek to create a community with events that benefit our holders in the future.


The Art

Full reveal coming soon

The art was intended and created with the idea of having a high quality, cute and accurate, raccoon family.


Step 1

Steal the NFTs

Join the flock of Raccon enthusiasts by minting your very own Racc NFT.

Step 2

Donate the excess cat food

After the minting is over, we will be donating the share of profits towards chosen animal charities.

Step 3

Split the rations

We will be hosting events and giveaways to award our holders. To be hosted for the next 2 weeks, more info found in the discord server.

Step 4

Craft The Armor

Release a few ideas of our merch and create a pre-order. Preorders will be up for 2 weeks.

Step 5

Meet By The Bins

Real life meet up for holders hosted in London (maybe as a club event? Hire a DJ? Yacht event? Rooftop gala?

Step 6

Find A New Food Source

We have reached the life-span of our very first collection, and we are aiming to produce multiple seasons to our collection, featuring their brothers in arms!


How to mint

step 1

Set up crypto wallet

Install MetaMask on your phone and create an account.Save your 12-word recovery phrase and NEVER SHARE IT WITH ANYONE!!Set up MetaMask on the Chrome browser as an extension (where you will be minting).

step 2

Fund Your Account

The easiest way is to buy ETH directly in MetaMask by clicking 'Buy' in your wallet.You can also deposit crypto to your wallet from an exchange like Binance or Buybit where you can buy and withdraw.(You will need around 0.12 to cover the price and fees)

step 3


At this point, it is a good idea to also create an Opensea account and connect your wallet.There you will be able to track how your investment is doing, buy more Raccs or sell.

Final step


When the mint is live you will see a 'MINT' button on the top which will take you to the official minting page.Stay active on our Discord and social medias to be first to find out when the mining goes live.



Discord giveaways

Seeing as our holders are what creates this opportunity we will be doing giveaways of 1:1 rare NFTs. While also looking into future rewarding activities such as gaming events or real-life events which are going to be international.

Future release whitelist

Looking as this is a fundraising collection while also a high-quality NFT art product we are going to be benefiting our holders by creating whitelists for future NFT releases with lower minting prices. With this, you have a front-row seat to contribute to a larger goal while also being able to mint our future NFTs on presale.

Nft Charity

Seeing as our collection consists of wild animals we are also very large animal lovers we would like to donate 2% of our royalties from the sales forever to “x” charity to help awareness while also part of our profits will be funded towards projects helping “x” being built to protect the animals. With this in mind, we are attacking real-world problems with a fun collection with a higher meaning than just a picture. Seeing as we promise to donate 10% of profits this also means all the profits not just minting profits. Therefore, future trades of the NFT will have a royalty fee which will be contributed to the charity.


The Team


Mihajlo Tomasevic

Founder/ Project Leader


Viktor Nenov

Co-founder / Creative Director


Alessia Annicelli

Media Manager


Emil “bakkejord” Hanssen







Discord Chief



How many raccs in the collection?

10 000

What blockchain will it be on?


When is the mint?

Stay tuned for the announcement

how much does the mint cost?

0.1 ETH

Is there going to be a whitelist?


how many can I mint?

There are no limits